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Chapter 4 Marrying Into The Langford Family 4

  • “Nothing. It's just that b*tch really makes my blood boil!” Hilary answered. She studied Violet's pretty outfit and asked, “Violet, you're all dress up. Where are you going?”
  • Violet flashed a mysterious smile and said in a low voice, “I'm going to have dinner with Seth, Mom.”
  • Hilary's eyes instantly lit up. “Are you talking about Seth Lowry, the heir of Lowry Group?”
  • Nodding, Violet asked, “Mom, are you satisfied with my choice of man?”
  • Hilary patted her daughter's hand as her eyes crinkled up in delight. “Of course I‘m satisfied. Seth is the heir of Lowry Group, and the Lowry family is prominent in Coldbridge. If you can marry him, that will definitely take a weight off my mind.”
  • “Yeah. They aren't as powerful as the Langford family, but the Lowry family isn't that bad, either.” The two exchanged looks and grinned.
  • “Okay, I'll head out for my date now. Mom, you should take a nap. Oh, you should also put on a beauty mask,” Violet uttered happily.
  • “I got it. Stop dilly-dallying and go on now!”
  • Violet turned and left the house.
  • After Hilary returned to her bedroom, Veronica revealed herself from the spandrel. Her brows were furrowed up as she recalled the conversation she overheard earlier.
  • Seth Lowry? How is that possible?
  • She went up the stairs and changed her clothes to head out. Downstairs, she informed Lydia that she would be heading out before leaving.
  • On the bus, Veronica pulled her phone out to text Seth: Where are you?
  • Soon, she received a reply. I'm having dinner with a client at Venus Hotel.
  • Veronica replied with an “okay” before tossing her phone back into her bag.
  • When the bus arrived at Venus Hotel, Veronica got off. Staring at the busy entrance, she took a deep breath before mustering her courage to enter the hotel.
  • At the reception, she put on a pleasant smile. “Hello. May I know if Mr. Seth Lowry has checked in here?”
  • “I'm sorry, miss. But we can't reveal our customer's details,” the receptionist replied politely.
  • “I'm Seth's friend. He told me to meet him here.”
  • “I'm sorry, miss. Mr. Lowry has an appointment with a Ms. Violet Saville today, but she already went up.” The receptionist kept her smile, but there was a tinge of disdain in her gaze.
  • Veronica nodded. “Thank you!” She then turned around and walked away.
  • She was walking past the right side of the lobby when a woman suddenly jumped to her feet and called out coyly, “Seth, I'm here!”
  • Decked in a white suit, Seth strode into the hotel and spotted Violet on the couch. He gave her a wave and went to her. “Did you wait long?”
  • Violet shook her head in response. She took his arm and asked, “Where are we heading for our meal?”
  • “I've ordered room service. So let's head to my room,” came Seth's gentle reply. Veronica used to think that his voice was music to her ears.
  • “Okay, you can decide!” Violet was no longer the young lady who hurled insults at home. Instead, she was now acting like an infatuated woman.
  • As they disappeared from sight, Veronica staggered backward in shock. Before she could steady herself, a pair of strong arms held her.
  • “Miss, are you alright?” a deep male voice inquired in concern.
  • “I'm fine,” Veronica answered hastily. Without looking up, she fled the scene swiftly.
  • “Huh? Did I become ugly recently?” The man touched his jaw and shrugged doubtfully. He then strode into the elevator, flanked by his bodyguards.