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Chapter 11 Marrying Into The Langford Family 11

  • There were two bearded men waiting for her inside the alley. Upon noticing a lone Veronica, they flashed a lecherous smirk.
  • It was the first time Veronica had ever encountered trouble. She trembled fearfully and retreated.
  • “Young lady, why are you alone? Do you feel lonely? Why don't we accompany you for the night?” They advanced without hesitation, each holding a knife in their hands.
  • “W-What do you want?” Veronica stuttered as the men made their way to her. She immediately turned and fled the scene.
  • “Help! Help...”
  • Before she could run out of the alley, one man grabbed her and placed a knife to her neck.
  • “B*tch, don't push your luck. You should consider yourself lucky that we're interested in you. If you stop struggling, we might consider torturing you less.”
  • Utterly shocked, tears streamed down Veronica's face.
  • “Sir, please let me go! I can give you money if you want. Just please, let me go!”
  • “Hah! How much money would a little lass like you have? Even if you do, you must've earned that money from pleasuring other men, right?” The men promptly burst into laughter.
  • Veronica almost broke down in despair.
  • In a trembling voice, she stated, “I'm N-Nathaniel Langford's fiancée. If you let me go, they will pay you handsomely.”
  • “Who's Nathaniel Langford? Do you know him?” The men exchanged glances.
  • “No.”
  • After realizing they had no idea Nathaniel was, Veronica's tears gushed out as though a dam had burst. She thought they would be afraid of Nathaniel, but turns out they didn't even know who he was.
  • “I'm telling the truth. I—”
  • “Young lady, stop lying to us. Just stay put and let us have our way with you.”
  • “That's right, we shall pleasure you until you demand for more,” one hideous man declared as his eye glinted with desire.
  • With that, they flung their knives away and pushed Veronica into a dark corner before making their way to her.
  • Veronica stumbled back and fell on her butt. She struggled to get up, but the men pinned her onto the ground.
  • “Let me go! Please...” She kicked and punched desperately.
  • “Oh, look how fierce she is. I like her.” The ugly man pounced on her.
  • Thud!
  • Suddenly, a kick landed on the man and sent him sprawling.
  • “Who are you? Do you have a death wish? How dare you kick me?” The hideous man scrambled to his feet and glared at the masked man standing before him.
  • The masked man said nothing, but there was an intimidating air around him.
  • The ugly man stepped forward carefully and demanded, “Who are you?”
  • “I'm here to take your lives,” a low voice reverberated in the air.
  • Soon, the continuous sound of bones breaking and horrified wails could be heard.
  • Veronica retreated fearfully as Nathaniel stepped over the men's bodies and advanced to her slowly.
  • The alley was very dark. Once Veronica realized she was safe, her vision went dark.