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Chapter 10 Marrying Into The Langford Family 10

  • “Yes, you're always right.” Veronica shot Eevee an exasperated glare. “You had fun shopping today, but my stomach is grumbling now!”
  • Eevee stuck her tongue out cheekily. “Let's go eat now!”
  • Upon entering Calorie Restaurant, the girls held hands and went straight to a table in a corner.
  • “Miss, what would you like to order?” the server came to them and asked.
  • “Ronnie, what would you like?” Eevee pushed the menu to Veronica.
  • “Oh, anything will do. I'd like a medium-rare steak.” After ordering her food, Veronica turned her face to look out the window.
  • Eevee gave her a look before flipping through the menu to order some of their usual favorites.
  • “That's all for now!” she concluded and shut the menu happily.
  • “Ronnie...” Eevee called out gently.
  • Hearing her name, Veronica turned and flashed a grin. “Mm. What is it?”
  • “Ronnie, are you hiding something from me?”
  • A flash of anguish appeared in Veronica's gaze and vanished as swiftly as it appeared.
  • “No,” she answered. “Well, my dad's company is having some cash flow problems, but he said it has been dealt with.” She gave Eevee a reassuring smile.
  • “That's great! By the way, I'm leaving the country in three days. The procedures are all done,” said Eevee sadly. “Ronnie, I'll miss you.”
  • “It has always been your dream to study abroad, right? You should be excited since your uncle agreed to that.”
  • Eevee's lips twitched, but in the end, she decided not to speak out her mind.
  • Both of them sat in their seats quietly, engrossed in their thoughts.
  • As a melodious piano piece echoed in the air, an icy voice rang out from a quiet corner in another restaurant. “Make sure not to leave any traces behind. I want her to...”
  • The man's mouth stretched into a hideous smile.
  • “Nathaniel, don't blame me for doing this. It's your fault for involving the innocent even when you're lying in bed.”
  • “Ronnie, I'll give you a ride home!” Eevee offered after their meal.
  • Veronica shook her head. “No need, Eevee. I'll just take a cab home. You should leave first. I know you must be busy before leaving the country.”
  • She didn't want to head home this early and declined Eevee's offer.
  • After they bade goodbye to each other, Eevee turned to leave.
  • Lights sprung up as night fell to Coldbridge. The streets were packed with cars. As Veronica stared at the city skyline, it felt like she was gazing at a golden and extravagant palace.
  • “Darling, we're going to get married the day after tomorrow. I'm so nervous!” came a man's voice as he brushed his finger across the nose of the woman right next to him affectionately.
  • “Silly man. What are you nervous about? I'll be here with you all the way,” the woman answered happily.
  • “Yes. I'm blessed to have you by my side.”
  • Veronica felt a stab of pain in her heart. They can be married to their loved ones. So why do I have to get married to a stranger?
  • Without realizing it, Veronica had entered a narrow and desolate alley. By the time she realized where she was, it was too late.