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Chapter 63

  • It was my graduation today and my fellow students and their parents filled the university ground. I could hear the loud excited voices everywhere. The rows of seats were full; I joined the students with the surname beginning with C. I was in the fourth row. I spotted Katherine in the same row, but she was at the end of the line since her surname was Collins. Thomas, Luke, and Mom were in the bleachers. I knew they were watching me.
  • At precisely ten, the senior professors arrived, decked out in their black and crimson regalia. We stood and applauded the teaching staff. One of them was the Chancellor; he stepped in front of the stage and initiated the opening speech. When the Chancellor welcomed another speaker, he introduced him as a young businessman from New York City.
  • He introduced himself as Zachary Waltz, CEO of Bandwidth Ventures. A prestigious IT and engineering company in Edinburgh. A spark in my head reminded me that he was the cousin Katherine told me about, and the owner of the company who emailed me for employment.
  • Mr. Waltz spoke of how he started the venture and the hardship he went through before he succeeded. He even opened up and invited everyone to employment for the new graduates in their company. After the speech, our classmate Rosie Smith stepped on the stage for another inspiring speech.
  • When Rosie stepped down, it was finally the time to collect our degree. Over five hundred graduates are waiting to be called.
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