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Chapter 19

  • Flying with a private jet was so convenient; our flight turned out smoothly. Luke wasn’t much a talker as usual. He didn’t bother me for the whole hour and a half which I preferred. I wouldn’t know what I would say to him either. All he did was stare at his iPad. I took it as a hint that he shouldn’t be bothered.
  • A sleek blue Ferrari F60 was waiting for us at the airfield when we landed. The man standing next to it handed him the keys and Luke shoved our suitcases in the compartment, then we pulled out.
  • Still not talking, Luke maneuvered every turn in the roads I’d known for six years. Luke and the sports car were absolutely something else. I’d never thought driving could be sexy. He handled the steering wheel with control and maintained an even speed.
  • He then finally spoke, “What?”
  • “Nothing.”
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