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Chapter 14

  • “So this is the home of the great Alejandro Technologies, huh? I still can’t believe my best friend is the daughter of the owner. Well, at least I won’t get lost tomorrow when I come here,” Nate stated in clear admiration of Thomas’ massive house in front of him. It was already afternoon when he accompanied me to my parents’ house.
  • “As if your house isn’t as big as this one.”
  • Nate slipped his hands into his pocket. “But it was never like this. Your stepfather is a well-known businessman. I’m excited to see what’s inside tomorrow. Someday I’ll be successful like them.”
  • I grinned at his positivity. Nate had always been a hard worker, and a master game programmer too, and never selfish to share his knowledge. Katherine, on the other hand, was a hacker—great with program manipulation. They’re the best tandem ever. I was glad to be part of their group. Only sometimes, I needed to give them space since they were a couple.
  • “Then, you will be. You’re good in this field.”
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