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Chapter 52

  • An hour later, we left the bar. I texted Katherine and Nate that I will be late tonight and told them I would be joining the band for a celebration. I knew that she wouldn’t buy it. She knew me too much. But I had to lie because she was with Nate. Nate wouldn’t like it, of course. I didn’t care much about his opinion, but it’s good to be peaceful. I didn’t want to trigger something again.
  • In Luke’s car, it was very quiet, so I turned the stereo on. I thought he was going to react, but he didn’t.
  • “Can I ask you something?” I said.
  • “I’m honestly wondering why you still haven’t.”
  • “Hmm, how shall I say this—” I cleared my throat. “You don’t have any relationship with her?”
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