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Chapter 41

  • LUKE
  • I had thrown my fists at someone before. He was my cousin, a trusted friend, and we both went to Harvard. I’d almost killed him. He was hospitalized for three days, and his parents loathed me. He had broken ribs and I fractured his fingers. My father always thought that I did it for fun. He even apologized to my uncle and gave them compensation. He used to think lowly of me. He didn’t even know what happened.
  • Jonas had been throwing rocks behind my back by dating Stacy. He knew I loved her. He knew she was going to be the woman I’d marry. But what did he do? He broke my trust. He ruined our friendship. The day I found out the child wasn’t mine was the day I wanted to kill a person.
  • But I didn’t, because it wasn’t worth it.
  • I’d changed. A lot. My father resented having a son like me. But I did not care. He wanted me to take over the company as his only son, but I built my own instead. I helped him. Sure, but it’s the way of showing him that I hated him for taking Jonas’ side and calling me useless. My chest felt as if it had been covered with stone.
  • I had never thought of opening my heart to anyone.
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