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Chapter 99 Hearing the Truth

  • Recalling what Xiang Lixuan mentioned about the house being usually unoccupied, Li Xinyu entered the password to unlock the door right away.
  • The minute she opened the door, a pair of men's leather shoes appeared at the doorway and it seemed Xiang Lixuan was here too.
  • She recollected the promise she made to Xiang Lixuan about buying him a meal. Since they bumped into each other, she may as well make good on her promise today. After all, he did help her a great deal.
  • The door to the main bedroom was ajar as sounds drifted vaguely from within.
  • She went towards the main bedroom and stood outside. Just as she was about to knock, she heard Xiang Lixuan’s voice from inside sounding increasingly impatient and almost like he was shouting, “Why did you have to do that?”
  • Li Xinyu was taken aback, the hand on the door panel silently retreated.
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