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Chapter 97 Ling Yao You're so Dirty

  • Li Xinyu’s felt her heart turn thoroughly cold.
  • He first brought up the divorce then reneged on it later. After that, he forced her into a corner, leaving no choice other than to implore him not to divorce. It was all his doing.
  • Here he was glossing over everything and bringing up the divorce again. What does he think she is, a toy?
  • “Asshole? I’ve never proclaimed to be a good man,” in an airy tone, he asked rhetorically, “Why? Don’t tell me you fell for me now and don’t want to get divorced?”
  • “Every one of the Lings has a right to question me, but you don’t!” her eyes reddened.
  • “Tsk. You look so fragile it’s quite heartbreaking,” as he narrowed his eyes to lean forward coming close to her lips, he stopped midway without kissing her and stared hard at her, “Li Xinyu, do you know how head over heels in love with me you look like right now?”
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