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Chapter 93 Thank You, Xiang Lixuan

  • The elevator was right on the ground floor when its doors opened. On hearing the sound of weeping, all eyes veered inwards one after another.
  • Xiang Lixuan reprimanded the group of employees, “What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen someone cry before? Get back to your business!”
  • Sighing as he pressed for the lift to close, he went right ahead to squat down next to her while she was wept.
  • He was unsure of what to say. Women will be fine after crying for a while.
  • But Li Xinyu managed to cry for 20 minutes with no sign of stopping. Xiang Lixuan got truly worried that her eyes might get ruined because it would be a pity for eyes as pretty as hers to get damaged from crying.
  • Xiang Lixuan gritted his teeth as he lifted the woman huddling in the corner and crying, “Stop crying, Li Xinyu. The most useless thing in this world is to cry. Although you can try and change yourself or others, you need to act rather than relying on your tears, you know?”
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