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Chapter 88 Jiang Ranran’s Love

  • Due to a traffic jam, by the time Li Xinyu made it to the riverside, it was nightfall when the street lamps had come on.
  • Jiang Ranran was sitting all alone by the riverside, leaning on a railing, drinking beer while empty beer cans got littered in a pile by her feet.
  • The temperature had recently dropped, so the weather started to grow cold. Sensing the biting cold air the moment Li Xinyu alighted the car, she shrank her neck in. Partially dragging her recovered leg, she walked over to Jiang Ranran’s side to snatch the beer can from her hand.
  • “Are you crazy? For running to the riverside on such a cold day to drink alone. What if something happened to you?”
  • “So what if something does happen to me? It's not like he’d care. I've done so much and tried so hard. Why doesn't he want me when I'm even willing to give him my body?” as Jiang Ranran cried, she screamed, attempting to snatch her beer back.
  • Seeing Jiang Ranran’s desperation, Li Xinyu threw the beer can right into the river, where the billowing river water submerged it immediately.
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