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Chapter 85 Dead-End

  • Yi Ni bit her lip, “Why should I take the risk by listening to you when I’m already like this?”
  • “Because you're in a dead-end and have no other choice.”
  • “Who says I’ve no choice?”
  • The woman smirked and laughed, “What choice do you have then? You can’t ever return to Ling Yao’s side. The Yis lost all their reputation because of you too. Li Xinyu has put you in this position, but now you want to let her off?”
  • Clenching her fists tightly, Yi Ni looked at the mess on the ground and viciously said, “Then I’ll listen to you one more time. But... this time, I won’t be your weapon. You’ve to do it with me! Since I’m already like this now, I’ll just embarrass myself one more time at the worst. But it’s different for you because you’re the sort who stands watching from the sidelines. Once you fall into the water with me, you’ll never be clean again.”
  • “In the new plan, you must help me and do everything in your power to keep me concealed. Otherwise, if I’m exposed, I’ll drag you down with me. Since I’m not the one, who took those photos for the reporters, I can push you out anytime,” Yi Ni also knew she was truly at a dead-end. Still, she could not allow herself to keep going down this path knowing that Ling Yao was benevolent when he did that to her. If there were a next time, it would not be a mere matter of public opinion.
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