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Chapter 84 Woman in the Darkness

  • Yi Ni might not know the punishment Ling Yao would impose on her in revenge for her deeds, but she knew it would be unbearable. Hurrying back home uneasily, she locked herself in, trying to come up with a solution.
  • She stayed in her apartment all day until her mother called to reprimand her for being a disgrace and ruining the Yis reputation.
  • Yi Ni hung up fearfully and turned on her computer in a jiffy.
  • So, what Ling Yao wanted was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
  • Ling Yao said her attempt on Li Xinyu’s life could get disregarded because of his debt to her father for his life. Although it meant he would not take hers, he would go all-in on the last thing she did, which was framing Li Xinyu for having a clandestine relationship with Jiang Yihan. For that, he released salacious videos of her having a threesome with two other men!
  • The internet got rife with indecent videos of her topped with headlines about an immoral life of the daughter of the rich.
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