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Chapter 81 Opening up the Heart

  • Everyone remained silent. Should they own up?
  • “It’s useless even if you don’t own up. Although Mr. Ling has plenty of money and energy to match fingerprints one by one, the punishment will be different from this when we find out.”
  • This time, everyone swarmed forward to retrieve the objects they hurled on Li Xinyu’s.
  • Waving his hand, the bodyguard gestured for the others to leave, keeping only the bunch involved was behind. In comparison to the personal injury and libel charges that the Lings were bringing directly against them, the loss of jobs was minor. Although it meant perhaps only a short stint in jail, they would have a record that would follow to them for life.
  • Some simply could not learn whom they should not offend without a lesson.
  • ……
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