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Chapter 8 What Tricks Are You Trying to Pull?

  • “I, I’m… Li Xinyu.”
  • “Li! Xin! Yu!” shouted Ling Yao, so enraged that he gnashed his teeth.
  • Damn, he fell for it and made the same mistake on the same woman twice.
  • Not knowing where she found the courage from, she shoved him aside, ran and hid behind Jiang Ranran, gasping heavily for fresh air.
  • Ling Yao now looked as furious as three years ago. She almost thought that he was going to kill her.
  • Jiang Ranran head was still confused, but a while later, she suddenly exclaimed, “Xinyu, your hubby, how can your hubby… not recognize you?”
  • Ling Yao went hurriedly past Jiang Ranran and to Li Xinyu’s side.
  • Reaching out his long arms, holding her tightly by her slender waist, he put her into the lift.
  • Jiang Ranran was left behind and in a daze. She found herself in dilemma over whether she should follow suit or not.
  • When she did finally decide on pursuing them, the lift door had already slammed shut. Even if she wanted to, it was too late.
  • Enclosed inside the lift were only the two of them.
  • Ling Yao’s grip on her waist did not loosen, but became tighter and tighter. She was not sure if he was trying to strangle her to death, or perhaps embed her into his body.
  • The man's chest was so hot that even in between all these layers of clothing she was keenly aware of its temperature. Li Xinyu expended all her energy struggling and managed to escape his embrace.
  • She stood limply in the corner of the lift, drawing deep breaths of air.
  • His sharp and hardened eyes had locked onto her small and delicate frame. Ling Yao, in a deep voice, said, “Li Xinyu, what game are you trying to play? 3 years ago, you used underhanded methods to force me into marriage, now are you still planning on using the same trick, to help maintain this impossible marriage?”
  • 3 years ago, he was drugged and had sex with her.
  • Now she was playing the same trick. He could not tell exactly how deep this woman’s plots ran.
  • His cold fingertips rushed across her face, “You have such a pretty face, just the weapon you need to deceive men, right?”
  • “You’re crazy,” said Li Xinyu, who pushed his hand off. She could no longer bear with this and retorted, “Those dirty deeds that you committed yourself, how can you keep blaming them on me? It was Auntie Ling who told me I could use that room, I didn't know it was your bedroom! Also, that night, did you give me a chance to explain myself? Did you give me any time to speak?”
  • Ling Yao gazed fixedly at that perfectly fair face, trying to judge whether she was believable.
  • Li Xinyu pursed his lips, stabilized her mind, and said, “I know you are suspicious, but I don't need your trust.”
  • He half closed his eyes, “Are you sure that what you are doing now has nothing to do with you trying to maintain this marriage?”
  • “I don't want to maintain this marriage,” Li Xinyu replied. She gave up trying and just threw everything she had.
  • Ling Yao’s eyes grew dark, as she continued, “If you don't believe it, we can just get divorced.”
  • “Divorce?”
  • “Yes, let's get a divorce,” in any case, since neither of them wanted this marriage, what reason was there for them to continue being bound together?
  • When the word, “divorce”, came up, there was a glow in her eyes, which revealed the yearning in her heart. It did not seem like a lie.
  • Ling Yao’s heartstrings tugged a little. This woman wants a divorce?
  • His face grew dark, laughing coldly, “Li Xinyu, hell of a backbone you have there!”
  • Li Xinyu suddenly felt a gust of coldness from behind, so she shrunk her neck in, feeling like he wanted to swallow her with that look in his eyes.
  • The lift door went, “Ding Dong,” and the door opened, Li Xinyu dashed out as quickly as she could.
  • She did not want to spend another second with this man in the same space, since that man was simply too overwhelming as if he would swallow her whole.
  • At least she finally asked for a divorce. That was some kind of improvement.
  • Keep it go, Li Xinyu.
  • Everything will be better!