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Chapter 77 Sucked Into the Eye of a Whirlwind

  • An onslaught of cameras’ flashes got unleashed upon her. As Li Xinyu was inexperienced with such situations, she was left dizzy from the flicker.
  • These frontline reporters from various media outlets started brutally barraging her.
  • “Miss Li, do you mind sharing? Are you so emboldened by your position as Mrs. Ling that you became unscrupulous? Aren’t you worried Mr. Ling might ask for a divorce?”
  • “Miss Li, mind telling us how you feel about this marriage? Are you planning on deceiving the Lings and using their money to bankroll the Lis back home?”
  • “Is it true that you managed to marry into the Lings through underhanded methods?”
  • “You’re trying to win Mr. Ling over to keep your marriage going, but at the same time got embroiled with Young Master Jiang. Which one do you prefer?”
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