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Chapter 73 Phone Book Remarks

  • She blinked her eyes for a while before recognizing reality for what it was.
  • Perhaps these injuries caused her to observe the world in a gentler light, or maybe it was this man being so affectionate because of them. Whatever it was, Ling Yao was somewhat different.
  • He was different from before he just left.
  • As Ling Yao had not slept a wink in 3 days, he was utterly tired and fell into a deep slumber in no time.
  • The man’s sleeping face was so spectacular that she could not resist raising her hand to poke his cheek with her fingertip very delicately and gently.
  • In hindsight, she became conscious of her actions. Silently pulling her hand back as she gazed at the man lying next to her in a childlike repose, she failed even to notice the way her lips curled upwards.
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