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Chapter 72 A Little Touched

  • His hot breath sprayed over her face as he glumly questioned her, “Why didn’t you tell me you that you got hurt?”
  • After apparently regaining consciousness for a few days, with only her leg injured and having neither hurt her hands nor lost her voice, she should have taken the initiative to tell him about it no matter what, “I’m your husband, Li Xinyu! Why didn’t you tell me that you got so seriously hurt?”
  • If not because his mother told him, perhaps it would take half a month before he found out about she met with a traffic accident.
  • Who does this woman think is unimportant, her or him?
  • Inside, he was all pent up but had nowhere to throw his temper.
  • God knows that the second his mother told him she fainted even he could not control how wildly his heart leaped. It never dawned on him that a marriage fashioned from intrigue and a wife who was not in love with him could occupy so much status in his heart.
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