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Chapter 71 Why Did You Suddenly Return?

  • Fortunately, the one leg she fractured could still get mended while no other areas got affected.
  • Li Xinyu let out an optimistic sigh relief. She thought she might die when the accident occurred.
  • The perpetrator was unapprehended, but the car had gotten located. It was a brand-new BMW X7, which did not even have a license plate yet. For now, the owner was in the wind, but technically all they needed was more time because such cases had a high success rate.
  • They did not know who the culprit was as someone obstructed justice by deliberately wiping the car of any traces of evidence. No matter how they checked, there was no progress.
  • Hao Ying visited daily to bring Li Xinyu tonic soup since the accident while caringly ensuring she finished every single drop before feeling at ease.
  • At her weakest moment now, the Lis visited only once to spend less than 30 minutes before leaving. In reality, the only person who continuously stayed with her was Ling Yao’s mother, her mother-in-law, Hao Ying.
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