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Chapter 70 Traffic Accident

  • Had he not always had a bias for Yi Ni? Even when Yi Ni drenched her to ruin Master W’s swansong design, he did not fault Yi Ni and kept her on as his secretary. Did he ditch her in a blink of an eye?
  • Men can be so fickle.
  • The two chatted over food then a while later Jiang Yihan arrived.
  • At the sight of Jiang Yihan’s appearance, Li Xinyu got stumped. Why had he come over?
  • Jiang Yihan quickly strode over without a hint of surprise when he saw her, so it meant he knew she as here too.
  • Jiang Ranran laid down her chopsticks and waved at him, “Yihan, we’re over here,” then turned around looking at Li Xinyu to smile and say, “Xinyu, don’t you think it’s boring to have steamboat with only two people? So, I got Yihan to come.”
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