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Chapter 7 That’s His Wife?

  • Ling Yao laughed in a deep tone and was of the opinion that this woman’s reaction was rather intriguing.
  • He definitely felt her shudder when he encircled her within his arms, as though she did something unbecoming, and was guilty and insecure about it.
  • Was sleeping with him disgraceful to her?
  • This possibility infuriated him.
  • Li Xinyu’s heart shivered hard, so she took a deep breath to compose herself, and then repeated it for three or four times, until she was calm enough.
  • She pulled away the hand holding her waist, backed up a single step further away, and then softly called him, “Ling Yao.”
  • Her soft and sweet voice, scratched him at his heart as a cat’s paw would. He gazed deeply at her, while his lips curved into a smile and asked, “Little wild cat, who are you, why were you at the Ling residence yesterday, hmm?”
  • Li Xinyu felt so helpless, feeling like her blood was swelling and clogging her heart, “I’m actually…”
  • “Actually what?” he asked, half closing his eyelids and caressing her wrist with his fingertips.
  • Actually I’m your wife, but you just treated me like your lover and freaking had sex with me!
  • This was a tricky line , and Li Xinyu could not bear herself to say it out.
  • 3 years ago, they were wed by force. In the end, Ling Yao held her responsible for their situation. If he found out the truth, he would feel humiliated and without question, make her the brunt of his anger.
  • “If you’ve something to say, can you just say it properly? We’re in public space, you shouldn’t pull me like that,” she said, smiling disdainfully and took two steps back.
  • When she retreated, he advanced.
  • In the end, when she was cornered, pressed between an icy cold wall and his warm embrace, Li Xinyu almost burst into tears.
  • This was the Fengning Shopping Complex, whose clientele consisted of only the rich and the powerful. If someone else caught sight of this, it would make her the butt of another joke.
  • Contrary to her wishes, he frivolously touched her chin, rubbing his fingertips over her lips, “What’s your name?”
  • “Ling Yao, don’t be like that,” this tall man’s body was completely blocking her line of sight, so she pushed both hands against his chest, and, with difficulty, thrusted them only slightly further apart.
  • “Like what?” against her wishes, he leaned forward, becoming much closer to her, so close that the tips of their noses almost touched.
  • The more he pressed against her, the more that refreshing scent went deeper into his heart. Ling Yao uncontrollable recalled what happened that night, when she was under his body. He missed that supple feeling of her skin.
  • Big hands held her slender waist, pulling her and hugging her to his chest, “Little wild cat, are you playing the game with me again?”
  • The dark pupils of her eyes reflected nothing but a closeup of his perfect face. She covered her chest and breathed heavily.
  • “Actually... I am…”
  • Say it, just say it. Who cares about his dignity.
  • She already slept with her like she was a social escort. She had done nothing wrong, so why should she feel guilty?
  • She bit her teeth, opened her mouth and went on, “Ling Yao, I’m actually Li Xin…”
  • “You bloody molester! Get away you friggin’ molester! You let go of Xinyu!” a handbag swung from behind, hitting him with a thump. Jiang Ranran was still worried, so she followed Li Xinyu out, unexpectedly seeing her being pinned against a wall and taken advantage of. Jiang Ranran used her bag to pummel the man’s back, hoping that Li Xinyu can be saved from that person soon, “Let go of Xinyu! I’m going to fight you to death! Do you know who she is? She is Li Xinyu, she’s is Mrs Ling, you lecher, you’d better let go of her!”
  • Jiang Ranran’s strength was so useless when pitted against Ling Yao, that to him it was like scratching an itch, but his heart skipped a beat upon hearing what she said.
  • Ling Yao came to himself, holding onto Li Xinyu’s hand in a deadly grip, his dim and gloomy eyes fixed on her face, taking in every detail in her expression, “Who did she say you are?” Li Xinyu did not expect it would come to telling Ling Yao the truth under such circumstances. Their surrounding was filled with powerful oppression which enshrouded them completely. It made her inexplicable fearful.
  • Pinching her by her jaw, he coldly queried, “Say it! Who are you!”