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Chapter 69 An Inevitable Clash

  • As Li Xinyu majored in fashion design at the university, she started making plans to set up a small business of her own.
  • Even though she attended university abroad, she favored classical Chinese culture more. Aiming to start a small brand focusing on contemporary fashion combined with classical Chinese elements, she intended for it to be understated yet infused with traditional Chinese accents.
  • On the second day after Ling Yao’s departure, Jiang Ranran called to ask her out.
  • They were to meet at the same place where they bumped into Yi Ni, and she poured coffee all over her. Jiang Ranran was not one who admitted defeat, so she said if they ran into Yi Ni today, she would pour coffee on her face before she does!”
  • “Check, please.”
  • “I want to order.”
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