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Chapter 64 Not Going Back on Your Word

  • Watching as this pair of ivory white hands pulled his wrists, Ling Yao was suddenly dying to know how these beautiful hands would be like when they were caressing his body
  • A sparkle appeared at the bottom of his eyes before he took his seat back by the bedside and mildly said, “If you go back on your word now, I'm not going to be as easygoing the next time around.”
  • “I understand,” Li Xinyu gnashed her teeth.
  • He sat by the bedside while she half-kneeled in front of him. Slowly reaching her hands to go close to the shirt buttons on his chest, her slim and beautiful fingers gently lifted a button from its buttonhole, loosening it.
  • One after another, Ling Yao’s muscular chest slowly unveiled before her as she undid them.
  • Despite her foul mood, Li Xinyu had to admit, be it the man's appearance or figure; they were impeccable.
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