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Chapter 6 Long Time No See

  • Jiang Ranran did not force her to accept the ring. Instead, she hesitantly asked, “This divorce you are planning, does Ling Yao know?”
  • Ling Xinyu replied unenthusiastically, “He probably wants out from our marriage more than I do.”
  • At the drop of her voice, a familiar figure entered her line of sight.
  • Ling Yao with a woman in tow, walked into the Jiangs jewelry store, looking like he meant to purchase some jewelry for that woman.
  • That woman’s eyes were glued to him, as if she wanted to stick her entire being onto him.
  • Li Xinyu was first stunned, then hastily turned her back toward him and said to Jiang Ranran, “You hold it for me, I suddenly remembered there’s a little something I need to do, see you.”
  • She cannot bump into Ling Yao under such circumstances, or otherwise who knew what other complication it might create.
  • Come to think of it, it was hilarious how he was the one bringing women out and fooling around, and she was the one hiding.
  • “Hey, Xinyu! I made reservation at a restaurant and was planning on having lunch with you.” Jiang Ranran grumbled from behind, “Why did you run so fast? It’s broad daylight now, there are no ghosts chasing you.”
  • Xinyu…
  • This name had a familiar ring to it. Ling Yao’s eyebrows frowned.
  • Gu Xinlu nudged closer to Ling Yao’s side, and sweetly tugged his shirt sleeve, holding up the two designs that the sales people had recommended in front of him.
  • “Mr Ling, help me take a look and see which one suits my hand better.”
  • “You are getting engaged to Xiang Lixuan, if you want to pick a ring, what has it got to do with me?”
  • Ling Yao inconspicuously put more distance between the woman and him, feeling absolutely vexed.
  • Xiang Lixuan that ass, when is he going to come back? He said he went to have a cigarette, but he's been gone for so long. This stupid woman of his, does he still want her?
  • Gu Xinlu’s expression turned grim immediately. One of the employees noticed and helped her by saying, “If there's nothing that you like, our store has more high-end stuff and I can bring it out for your selection.”
  • Gu Xinlu spied an employee standing by the side repacking the pink diamond and she arrogantly pointed at it and said, “I want that one.”
  • “I'm terribly sorry, but that ring was a custom-made design for Miss Li Xinyu, so it's not for sale.”
  • “Are you implying that I can't afford it? Do you know who my fiancé is?” said Gu Xinlu, whom after constantly being looked down upon, had to take it out on someone.
  • Xinyu?
  • This name sounded awfully familiar.
  • Ling Yao could not be bothered with Gu Xinlu, so he stormed off.
  • He certainly did not know what crossed Xiang Lixuan’s mind, randomly finding a woman to get engaged with.
  • According to Xiang Lixuan, when it came to women the most important thing was whether they were soothing to his sight. After getting married, he's going to throw her at home anyway.
  • Even if Xiang Lixuan intended on leaving his wife at home, at the bare minimum, he should find someone who was manageable. When it came to women like this one, even if left at home, she sure could ruffle him to death.
  • He suddenly recalled his wife, who was indeed a model wife. After returning home for many days, she had not even shown her face to him, and needless to say, she had no chance of climbing into his bed either. Come to think of it, that woman from last night probably outdid her in comparison.
  • Suddenly Ling Yao started missing that woman who was in his bed last night… her butter-smooth skin and fragrance.
  • As he was thinking, he spotted a petite figure turning around the corner.
  • Ling Yao did not know what he was thinking. Before he could even be certain that it was her, he ran toward her.
  • The lift had been taking its time to get here, while Li Xinyu held onto her purse and quietly waited at the door.
  • Finally, it reached this floor. When the lift door opened, she stepped in, but was hauled back by something strong.
  • A strong arm wrapped itself around her waist, Ling Yao’s well-muscled chest pressing against her back. A baritone voice of a man floated into her ears, “Long time no see, little wild kitty.”
  • Li Xinyu shivered.
  • She had failed at escaping and was now apprehended.