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Chapter 52 Not in the Habit of Having an Audience

  • The moment Yi Ni saw Ling Yao come out, it was as if she saw a savior, “Yao!”
  • She stopped sprawling on the floor but rolled and crawled as she lunged towards Ling Yao so hastily that she even stumbled twice, seemingly a victim of severe bullying.
  • The truth was, Li Xinyu merely planned on scaring Yi Ni enough to chase her away and had yet to lay a finger on her.
  • After showering, Ling Yad only slipped into a bathrobe, so drops of water were still trickling down his hair.
  • Combined with his captivating good looks, this all seemed incredibly tantalizing.
  • Li Xinyu had no time to appreciate his striking good looks, she looked sheepish, and every bit like someone caught red-handed misbehaving instead. Despite her botched effort to commit mischief, Yi Ni leaned her soft body weakly on Ling Yao, “Yao, I’m terrified. That crazy woman wants to hit me.”
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