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Chapter 4 Brutal and Inhumane

  • Li Xinyu did not know how to face the wild night that she had.
  • The first thing she did in the next morning was to get out of his arms cautiously, get dressed and dash out of the room.
  • She could not go back to the Lis, so she went over to her best friend, Jiang Ranran’s place and planned on hiding there for few days until her body had recovered more.
  • After she opened the door, the moment Jiang Ranran laid eyes on her, she teased her, because her legs were trembling. Reminded of what transpired last night, Li Xinyu was so angry that she did not talk for half a day.
  • After recuperating at Jiang Ranran’s home for a few days, the love bites on her body had yet to heal completely. Left with no choice, she asked Jiang Ranran to buy her some medicated cream to try instead.
  • Her neck was full of love bites, how was she to go out?
  • Thinking back on that morning, when she haphazardly departed from the Lings, passersby who saw her cast her pitiful looks, as though she had just been abused brutally or something.
  • Jiang Ranran laughed so hard that she was bending backwards, but still she went out to buy her some medicated cream for bruises.
  • “We don’t even know if this’ll work. Using this kind of medication for love bites, this will be a first,” said Jiang Ranran, as she laughed heartily again. “Looks like love from a short separation is stronger than love from a new marriage, as the saying goes. You haven’t seen each other in 3 years, so has Ling Yao been pent up for 3 years and unleashed everything on you in one night?”
  • Li Xinyu’s face blushed hard, “Stop it, okay? Don't you know the true reason why we are married?”
  • Jiang Ranran set the medicated cream down and shrugged her shoulders, “Xinyu, you’re such a do-gooder, your personality is too soft. Back in the day, if it happened to me, I would’ve rather died than compromise.”
  • Three years ago, it happened at a banquet too.
  • The Lis were on a decline, so Mr Li went around seeking investments. Whenever there was a social dinner party he would be religiously present.
  • At that time, Li Xinyu received a phone call claiming that her father was drunk, asking if she could come pick him up. But when she got there, her father was nowhere to be seen. Instead Ling Yao appeared, grabbed and pinned her to the bed and took away her virginity.
  • To this day, Li Xinyu had been perplexed over this. Was it she who went into the wrong room, or was she given the wrong room number to begin with? During that time, she had just started attending university and was still an innocent freshman. In its aftermath, the incident caused her to be extremely preoccupied. Fortunately, Jiang Ranran had her back and kept her company the whole time.
  • “Marrying the person who raped you, must make you feel taken advantage of, right?” asked Jiang Ranran, with a sigh.
  • Li Xinyu paused. Her eyes were downcast, as she replied, “At that time, I had no choice.”
  • During that time, the Lis were in dire straits, and by marrying Ling Yao, she could least secure the salvation of her family.
  • “Things had already come this far, I only hope that bastard will treat you better now,” Jiang Ranran said, as she touched her chin. “As they say, when men desire women strongly enough, from a certain perspective, it is also a sign that they are moved.”
  • “Ranran, you’ve been reading too much fiction.”
  • “But novels aren’t entirely wrong. There’s a very popular line by Zhang Ailing, that goes, the path to a woman’s soul is her vagina. Same goes for men, right? Ling Yao is certainly interested in sleeping with you, your marriage even began from a bed, who’s to say you can’t marry first and find love later?”
  • Li Xinyu shook her head, disagreeing with this line of thought.
  • Last night, Ling Yao did not recognize who she was. If he did notice, she was sure that he would not continue to touch her.
  • Li Xinyu rubbed her forehead, not daring to tell Jiang Ranran, because with the big mouth Ranran had, she would shout it out for all the world to hear.
  • “Oh yes, I have a gift for you!”
  • “What is it?”
  • “You go get changed, follow me and you’ll know soon enough. I wanted to fetch it myself and give you a surprise, but you know how impatient I get, so now I’m dying to tell you.”