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Chapter 33 Stop Fighting

  • By the time Li Xinyu deduced something was amiss, it was too late. Ling Yao’s eyes were bloodshot from the accelerated blood circulation. He was chillingly gloomy.
  • Before she could react, Ling Yao darted over. He unyieldingly seized her wrist and wrenched her out of Jiang Yihan’s arms.
  • In an instant, Jiang Yihan felt an emptiness in his arms.
  • In a second, a fist flew, landing heavily on the corner of his lip. He tilted his head away, but the corner of his lips immediately got discolored.
  • Ling Yao gripped Li Xinyu firmly by her wrist. He stared fixedly before him with eyes so frosty; it was as if they were made of 1000 year old ice, “Jiang Yihan.”
  • Ling Yao pulled an uninhibited punch, and Jiang Yihan touched the corner of his mouth, “That’s me.”
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