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Chapter 32 Crossing Paths with Ling Yao

  • Jiang Yihan stood motionlessly all shaken.
  • Reluctant for her to leave, he bolted forward and embraced her from behind.
  • Burying his face beside her neck, he infused her with his warm breath and scent. In a dulcet tone, he whispered her name, “Xinyu, Xinyu… All I want is to protect you.”
  • Xinyu presumed she was sufficiently resilient and detached.
  • Yet, after experiencing the humiliation Yi Ni brought her, Jiang Yihan’s warmth, shook her to her core. So much so that she wondered: if I did not accidentally get yanked into Ling Yao’s room, when he was drunk, will I have a good life with Jiang Yihan now?
  • One with no fear of my husband having a band of mistresses outside, where my husband’s women don’t come rapping on my door to show off… but there were no “what ifs” in life.
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