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Chapter 30 From the Moment You Said, You Didn’t Love Me

  • “Who’s there?” viciously turning around with a repulsive look.
  • The tall, slender man with distinctive features imparted a charm, the sort that made eyes cling to him restlessly. Characteristically refreshing and unsullied, he was just the sort of person whom others would describe as a soft and mild gentleman.
  • That was until his large hand restricted Yi Ni by her wrist when all manner of mildness in his eyes got replaced by sheer loathing.
  • Realizing who it was, Yi Ni quietened down and said, “Jiang Yihan, I suggest you mind your own business.”
  • Jiang Yihan was the Jiangs’ adopted son and Jiang Ranran’s big brother.
  • Among the high society were varying levels of echelons. In this aspect, both families were on par.
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