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Chapter 29 Hero to the Rescue

  • The white colored evening dress was already figure hugging. Now that it was soaked, it clung entirely onto her body.
  • In order to prevent the underwear from being exposed, anti-slip stickers were usually used with evening dresses, so on contact with water, the ivory dress literally seemed gauze-like and skin-tight.
  • At once, Li Xinyu squatted, and wrapped both hands around herself, trying to prevent any unnecessary display.
  • Bang! The basin gravitated back to earth, flipping over several times before rolling away.
  • Yi Ni, the culprit, stood in front of Li Xinyu, enjoying every moment of how pathetic and frightened she seemed. With her hands to her hips, Yi Ni laughed maniacally, “Ha-ha! Li Xinyu, I warned you at the café, I wasn’t letting you off easy!”
  • Li Xinyu raised her head, staring intensely at the woman laughing hysterically in front of her, “Yi Ni.”
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