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Chapter 20 Was Not in Love with Him

  • Jiang Ranran hurriedly defended Li Xinyu, while getting the attention of the waitstaff to pull Yi Ni away. Then she pulled out pieces of tissue to help clean Li Xinyu up, and then quickly pulled her aside, “Is she insane? She’s so unreasonable and was simply making a scene here, it’s terrifying.”
  • They ran out of the café, and kept running until they reached the intersection on the street. Only then did they gradually slacken their pace.
  • Jiang Ranran, who had yet to calm down, held her chest, “I never knew that when a woman with great features falls out with you, she can bite you like a rabid dog.”
  • Compared to Jiang Ranran, Li Xinyu was much more composed and was only a bit disappointed, “That’s why I want a divorce, if I don’t, such events will just recur. Today, it’s this ‘Yi Ni’, maybe tomorrow it’ll be someone else…”
  • That’s party why, when they were newlyweds, she escaped overseas to study.
  • A man like Ling Yao simply invited too much female attention.
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