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Chapter 157 Almost Insanely Jealous

  • His gloomy eyes stared fixedly at her face, utterly annoyed, “Li Xinyu, what do you want of me? What does it take for you to treat me more fairly?”
  • She was composed, “Ling Yao, you were the one who betrayed me. You’re the one being unfair to me by saying things like that.”
  • “But I regret it. I regretted it a long time ago,” Ling Yao embraced her slender waist, pressing his forehead onto hers as he muttered in agony, “Not only did you allow a stranger to take your picture, but you smiled at him and even hugged him, yet you isolate me. When was the last time you smiled or even spoke to me like that?!”
  • “Li Xinyu, do you know? I’m so jealous that I'm going insane!”
  • Incapable of retaliating, she gradually gave up opposing him, choosing to silently withstand it with her eyes shut, yet he released her.
  • He embraced her with all his might, burying his captivating face into her shoulder as he muttered woefully, “Li Xinyu, what do you want from me exactly?”
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