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Chapter 148 What Video?

  • “Really?” Li Xinyu’s lips curved upward into a self-ridiculing smile.
  • She could not wait for Ling Yao to let her go. If not for Ling Yao, they would not have disturbed her longtime peaceful life at all.
  • But when the smile fell into Yi Ni’s eyes, it was sarcasm.
  • Yi Ni felt that she was mocking her for overestimating herself, “Li Xinyu, go ahead and be smug. He forgave you after seeing the video this time around, but the next time when he sees you sleeping with another man with his own eyes, he won’t protect you like he did today.”
  • Ling Yao’s face went dusky, “Yi Ni, I think you can forget about ever returning home.”
  • Raising her head to look at Yi Ni, Li Xinyi looked quizzically, “Video?”
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