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Chapter 147 Aggression

  • After all, they grew up together, so it seemed unreasonable that he would sever ties with the Yis for the sake of and an unfaithful Li Xinyu. To add to that, he even saved Ling Yao when he was a child.
  • If Ling Yao could, in the name of their long time relationship, soften up his attitude toward Yi Ni a little, he would not have to send her abroad. Considering Yi Ni was the Yis only child, he could not bear to send her overseas.
  • It was unexpected for the situation to unfold in this manner.
  • After not managing to have any good conversation with Ling Yao, he got infuriated even.
  • “Yao, don’t be angry. Yi Ni has had a sharp tongue since young, but means no harm,” Mr. Yi hurried to come to his daughter’s defense worried if Ling Yao genuinely got annoyed, the Yis would have to suffer its consequences.
  • “Then Mr. Yi will have to take the trouble and teach her well. If things like today happen a second time, the entire Yi family will have to pay,” Ling Yao said sullenly.
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