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Chapter 124 Something Must Have Happened

  • It was telling that Young Master Xiang rarely did chores like this, which he customarily left to the servants. The knife’s edge was inward-facing and could easily cut his hand by accident. In a laid-back fashion, he peeled the apple skin conscientiously as though it was a science project.
  • Li Xinyu could no longer bear the sight, “Why don’t you leave the paring to the nurse?”
  • Xiang Lixuan swiftly rolled his eyes at her, “I’m peeling it for you. I’ve to do it personally to emphasize my sincerity.”
  • At that, he lowered his head and continued battling the apple.
  • Xiang Lixuan’s motions were inexperienced but particularly earnest while his profile was gorgeous and enticing.
  • “…”
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