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Chapter 122 Don't You Know Best?

  • As Li Xinyu had torn her lower body before it could recover fully, there was to be no sexual intercourse. To add to that, she was still running a high fever, so they were in a tricky position.
  • The nurse took out a syringe. She plunged it into her arm and drew a little blood.
  • "What's the blood for?"
  • Turning to see Ling Yao standing there with an overcast face, the nurse shuddered as she replied, "Young Madam has a 40-degree fever plus vaginal tearing… a fever will lead to infection. Getting her blood tested is normal."
  • Ling Yao waved for the nurse to leave.
  • Gazing down on her pallid face as he stood by her bedside, he felt a twinge in his heart.
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