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Chapter 121 Animosity Rivaling Love

  • The man’s rough actions were unbearable for her. Although it was not as if she never slept with Ling Yao before, it was entirely different this time, and all that came was excruciation.
  • Wailing out loud, she struggled to push him aside, but it was utterly hopeless. She could only pitifully and meekly beg for Ling Yao’s clemency. The sound of pleading floated into Jiang Yihan’s ears, so he could no longer restrain himself from briskly running next to the car. Slamming the car window hard, “Ling Yao, let her go. Let go of her! Can’t you hear that she’s in pain?!”
  • The car window was already 3 inches down. Jiang Yihan could faintly see what was going on in the car now through the gap, but he could not open the car door and was incapable of saving Li Xinyu.
  • Ling Yao did not foresee Jiang Yihan to lose his composure by charging over heedlessly.
  • He hit the car window hard from outside while Li Xinyu, who was beneath him, despairingly pleaded for mercy, making him out to be a villain breaking up two lovebirds.
  • What does that make me? A tyrant? A bully who steals women?
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