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Chapter 119 Can't Be Made a Fool Here

  • For as long as they were married, she had to listen to him! If she could not erase Jiang Yihan from her mind, then he would come up with ways to help her!
  • A hint of cruelty flashed across Ling Yao's smiling eyes.
  • Li Xinyu clenched her fists so tightly her nails got embedded into her palms. Just as she steadily closed her eyes, getting used to it, he abruptly released her.
  • With a menacing look in his eyes, he smiled, "Have you learned it?"
  • She looked stiffly at him with her lips all moist from his kissing.
  • Ling Yao did not mind her silence. He tilted to lean back against the genuine leather car seat, "Then carry on pleasing me."
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