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Chapter 118 Toss Her Out

  • Last night, he was up waiting for her all night.
  • But she was out having the night of her life with Jiang Yihan.
  • Sitting astride her, he reclined the car seat to press down on her body and strangle her neck hard. With his bloodshot eyes, “Li Xinyu, didn't you just say nothing happened between you two? Then tell me what this is?! What’s all this?!”
  • The suffocation left Li Xinyu’s face red and positively petrified. This man was so powerful it felt as though he wanted to kill her.
  • “Li Xinyu, you’re mine. Who permitted you to fool around with someone else. Don’t you know you’re mine?!” Ling Yao felt like he was going hysterical.
  • He never stopped to think that this woman, who got thrown beside him, honestly did not care about him at all that she was in love with another man.
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