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Chapter 115 You Investigated Me?

  • After soaking in the icy water all night, Li Xinyu was running a low fever. After taking two cold tablets, she bundled herself in the blanket and slept the entire day in the bedroom.
  • Yet the more she slept, the more sluggish she became. Not only did the fever not subside, but it was on its path to break into a high fever.
  • Her mouth was dry as she dragged her fatigued body up, trying to get herself some water.
  • Ling Yao barged and pulled her by the collar. Glowering viciously at her, with an air of brutality about him, “Li Xinyu, exactly where were you last night?”
  • She was quite giddy, “Don’t ask if you won’t believe me.”
  • “You have the audacity to talk about trust?” sneered Ling Yao. He lifted her to pin her firmly between the wall and his chest, “Li Xinyu, do you want to die? How dare you go behind my back and spend the night with another man in a hotel room?”
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