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Chapter 111 Don't Leave Me Behind

  • It was not enough and far from it. Other than her cheeks, every inch of her body was in agony…
  • Her hands shuddered gently as she insuppressibly pulled Jiang Yihan's hand over to caress her neck, collar bone, then inch down to her chest. With no idea what she was doing, all she knew was that it felt soothing…
  • It took Jiang Yihan a lot of effort to wrest his hand from her.
  • His Adam's apple rolled as he contemplated before pulling out a blanket and bringing it to the bathroom.
  • He dampened the entire blanket. When he came out, Li Xinyu was rolling around on the bed and had unknowingly undone her clothes. The undergarments she was wearing were in disarray, leaving places they should have covered now exposed.
  • "I feel terrible… like I'm on fire… like I'm about to be burned to death by fire," she whimpered and cried completely irrationally.
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