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Chapter 110 Someone Sent Me a Text Message

  • The medication was initially aggressive, leaving her fatigued.
  • That initial aggression died down a lot. Other than a blurry vision, she could sense that her energy was coming back to her. Except for an oddity that suddenly struck her body, where she got hit by waves of heat. It was not the temperature of skin but a fire that burnt in her heart. The warmth was overflowing from her heart.
  • She struggled to get off the bed but did not have the energy to hold herself steady. The second her foot landed, she fell over.
  • Without an inkling of the mishap that might befall her is she stayed, she could not give up even a sliver of hope.
  • She used the hands to lie prone on the floor and would climb out if she had to.
  • But within two steps, she was sapped. Her body was feverish and itching badly. As though ants were biting her incessantly.
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