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Chapter 11 Ling Yao Is Here

  • Li Qitian held up the document, read it and his face turned ashen. He threw it heavily down on the table, “Humph! Li Xinyu, you’re such a disappointment! After all the trouble it took to marry you into the Lings, if you can’t tie a man down by his heart, can’t you at least tie him down by his body?!”
  • Yuan Yu tried to comfort him, but Li Qitian pushed her aside.
  • “Do you know how many people are waiting to see you get tossed out of the Lings?” shouted Li Qitian, now emotionally charged and surging high.
  • “I don’t care,” Li Xinyu said with in low tone, “Thing is, I only married Ling Yao to save the family.”
  • Who wants to marry a rapist? Who would fall in love with and marry someone who raped her?
  • “How dare you talk back!” Li Qitian furiously rose his hand and slammed the tabletop so hard that the entire table wobbled, “You aren’t allowed to divorce.”
  • Li Xinyu clenched her hands tightly into fists, drew a deep breath and said, “Not my call, this divorce agreement came straight from Ling Yao.”
  • “Can’t you two talk about it, hmm? You’ve been married for 3 years after all. Don’t his parents like you a lot? If necessary, go and cry to them about it, that will dupe them into taking your side,” said Li Yazhi, offering an alternative.
  • Back then, the reason why Li Xinyu could marry into the Lings was because the Ling elders adored her.
  • “But I don’t want to fight for this,” Li Xinyu said, her pitch now bright, powerful and rhythmic.
  • “If you don’t fight for it, what will become of your future?”
  • “I will cross the bridge when I get there.”
  • “You’ve already been married once, even if you remarry, that boy from the Jiangs isn’t going to want you anymore, the Jiangs won’t allow it. You had better keep your muddled thoughts to yourself and focus on how to be the Lings’ daughter-in-law,” chastised Li Qitian.
  • Li Xinyu had forseen that the moment divorce was brought up, it would be as alarming as a sudden clap of thunder hitting the Li household.
  • What she didn’t expect, was how offensive and coarse her father could be.
  • Ever since deciding on marrying into the Lings for the Lis, she and Jiang Yihan have been out of contact. Why her parents never loved or supported her the way they did with Yazhi?
  • She paused for a moment, calmed down and said, “Dad, Ling Yao asked for this divorce. I have no say in the matter.”
  • Li Qitian choked on what she said, “Sigh! You silly girl… “
  • Lin Xinyu’s eyes turned slightly red. In a low but clear pitch she said, “Dad, I don’t want my marriage to be the joke of my life, I’ve spend 3 years in a false marriage, I’m not going to loose the rest of my life to this.”
  • The servants anxiously shouted, “Master and Madam, Mr Ling is here!”
  • Except the voices came too late, because before they could react, Ling Yao was already standing in their doorway.
  • Li Qitian was surprised. Li Xinyu straightened her back and wondered whether what she just said had been overheard by him.
  • “Master Ling, what brings you here?” after regaining his composure, Li Qitian enthusiastically greeted him.
  • Ling Yao’s eyes looked inconspicuously at Li Xinyu, with a look of indifference, “Father, you are being too kind, as your son-in-law, it’s quite normal to come over and visit, right?
  • “Yes, sure,” replied Li Qitian, bobbing his head, while wiping his brow off cold sweat.
  • In the 3 years of their marriage, or actually in all his life, it was Ling Yao’s first visit to the Li residence.
  • Li Qitian hurriedly invited Ling Yao to sit down. But Ling Yao turned around and slanted his head at Li Xinyu.
  • His eyes, as deep as the vast galaxy, made it difficult to decipher what was on his mind.
  • She hated admitting it, but this man truly was the kind that enticed others to sink deeply.