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Chapter 105 Don't You Know Your Body?

  • If she did get pregnant, then a small life was at stake.
  • Given the state her marriage was in, it was impossible to give it a wholesome family. After Ling Yao had his share of fun and decided to stop, he would surely disallow her from leaving with it if a child got involved. Yet she did not wish to get separated from the child.
  • If she genuinely got pregnant, then this child was destined to be an unfortunate one.
  • Of course, she would wish she was not pregnant if she had a choice.
  • But if she did not get pregnant this time, she had to be vigilant about contraception in the future. She had not paid attention to these details in the past, but she had to from now on. Because except for herself, no one else could shield her heart.
  • The more adamantly Li Xinyu opposed pregnancy, the more he did not want to tell her the truth.
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