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Chapter 101 Why Are You so Odd?

  • With her entire body sapped, Li Xinyu did not know how she made it out on her own. The thought of the stuff Xiang Lixuan said pricked her heart.
  • Incapable of walking anymore, she stood by the roadside exhausted. With a mere blink of her eyes, large tears cascaded down insuppressibly.
  • Passersby, who caught sight of her tear-stained face, softly speculated in hushed tones as to whether it was a problem with romance or work.
  • She saw a hand reach out to her with a brand new packet of tissue. A meek young lady was worried about disturbing her, “Erm… this is for you.”
  • Taking the tissue from her, Li Xinyu looked at her gratefully and softly said, “Thanks.”
  • The young lady was stunned, “Eh. Aren’t you… Miss Li?” at that, she waved frantically and corrected herself, “No, it should be Mrs. Ling.”
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