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Chapter 73 Fear Not I Am Here

  • The feelings both Justin and Lucian gave me were different. I felt as if I owed Lucian whenever I was with him and I was unable to refuse any of his requests even if they were excessive. On the other hand, Justin had always offered me respect and kindness; if Justin weren’t there when I was kidnapped earlier, the outcome would have been horrendous.
  • I felt so torn inside. Even though I wanted to shake off his hand a few times, I was obsessed with the warmth exuding from his big rough hand. The only thing I could do was to lower my head and trail him from behind.
  • When we got around a corridor, Justin’s hand suddenly shifted a little, his fingers had sneakily crossed with mine and our fingers were fully entwined!
  • I trembled and looked up at him. The sides of his chiseled face faintly blushed. Even though he wasn’t facing me, I knew that he was nervous. I could even hear his heartbeat.
  • Bitterness lingered around the corner of my mouth when I recalled how I stole his first kiss back then, and how I’ve enticed this man who is blindly in love.
  • We certainly looked like lovers at that point. As Justin was stunningly good-looking, there were some sneak peeks from a few ladies in the corridor. Some people even shot envious looks in my direction.
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