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Chapter 72 Justin To The Rescue

  • The man slowly lowered the knife and continued shouting at the police to step back.
  • As my life was on the line, the police officers were put in a huge dilemma. They didn’t dare agitate the man any further but they didn’t dare leave me alone with him either.
  • As tensions continued to flare from both sides, a familiar voice was heard in the distance. “Everyone step aside! Let me deal with him!”
  • Everyone turned around in surprise and saw Justin walking towards us with a suitcase in tow. His lips were tightly pursed, and the look in his eyes was so sharp that even I shuddered a little.
  • The senior officer recognized him and stepped forward to greet him. “What are you doing here, Mr. Gale? This is very dangerous! I need you to leave this area right now!”
  • However, Justin simply stared at him and said, “Get lost!”
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