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Chapter 70 A Knife At Her Throat

  • Adriana apologized to the fortune teller and gave him a check worth ten thousand for his so-called services.
  • Ten thousand wasn’t a lot for her, but it was a huge sum for people like the fortune teller and the middle-aged guy at the table.
  • The fortune teller was obviously delighted, but he kept his composure as he said, “Feel free to drop by again if you have any questions, but don’t bring her along or you’ll upset the gods.”
  • Sick and tired of that charlatan’s nonsense, I walked straight out of the tent with Adriana and Yvette grumbling at me from behind.
  • I kept quiet and tried to distract myself by looking around as I walked. Suddenly, I noticed a man running towards us with a vicious look on his face.
  • That’s the middle-aged man from earlier! The one who said his wife left him for another guy!
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