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Chapter 66 You Are Not Worthy Of Lucian

  • Seeing the two of them walk out of the airport, I let out a sigh and ran after them once again. “I’ll give you a ride home, Adriana!” I called out after hailing a cab nearby.
  • She shot me a cold glare and asked, “That’s what you’re picking me up with?”
  • She’s right. Given her status, she probably sees cabs as transportation for the lower class.
  • At that moment, a brand new white BMW pulled up next to us. “After you, Adriana!” Yvette called out as she came over and opened the door on the passenger side.
  • Adriana nodded in satisfaction and got into the car. Yvette shot me another glance before turning towards her. “Lucian gave me this car as a gift!”
  • “How nice of him! You’d better make sure you win his heart over before a certain shameless woman does.” Adriana stared right at me when she said that, sending a shiver down my spine.
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